Here at The Real Mini Company, not only do we love to repair, convert and restore Mini's, we love to race them. Mini racing is something we regularly indulge in within various championships across the UK. Our Mini racing cars has been seen within the Mighty Mini championships, Mini Se7en Championship and Rallycross Championship.

The Real Mini Company race car has been lovingly prepared for each race with the same care and attention we provide to all our Mini restoration projects. For us Mini racing is something which is an important part of helping to keep the classic Mini in everyone's minds - it really is a classic car and seeing them race, or even better, racing them is a real thrill.

In his own words, The Real Mini Company owner Daniel Budd tells about his love of Mini racing:

"I started racing at the age of 10 as did my brother taking part in oval track racing in a Mini then at the age of 16 I raced Minicross which is rallycross in a Mini. I  raced in Europe, Ireland and many other places in this series with my dad while my brother was racing Junior Minicross.

"We then sold the cars and I had a little time off while setting up The Real Mini Company and purchased a Mighty Mini. I raced this once and then passed it on to my brother where he and my dad race in the Mighty Mini's while I raced in the Super Mighty Mini's championship which is a slightly more powered series.

"I always wanted to race a Mini Seven as my dad raced in this championship in the early 80's so I bought a shell and built a car for the 2015 championship. Unfortunately due to the ever-increasing workload at the workshop, I didn't get to race as much as I would have liked during 2015 and 2016 but as you can see from the pictures below, my race car is almost ready for February pre-season testing and I'm aiming to commit to a full 2017 season. My brother Charlie is racing alongside me again and also my dad will also be running a Mini se7en S class which is a separate series run on the same grids.

"My daughter Millie is 11 years old and is racing on oval tracks in a junior category for 10-16 year olds. You can see her car in the gallery below which she'll be in from February 2017 testing. You can also see some pictures of my brother Charlie's car which features The Real Mini Company logo and which we work on."

If you'd like to support The Real Mini Company at any events, drop us a line as we often have tickets we will be happy to pass on. And if you want to keep up to date with our Mini racing calendar, just keep dropping back to this page for updates as well as checking our progress in the championship on the Mini7 site.