The Real Mini company have a reputation for Mini restoration second to none. Whatever the level of restoration work required we will undertake it. However we will not compromise. If you want your Mini restoration done properly and to the highest possible standard, then we will be delighted to have your classic Mini placed in our care. If you want to cut corners then The Real Mini Company is not the Mini company for you.

Quality components in all Mini restoration projects

At our Oxfordshire workshop just a short distance from the original home of the Mini, we only use the highest quality parts in all our Mini restoration projects. If Heritage panels for example are not available then we will have the required panel custom made. We use all types of welding processes appropriate to the task - spot, mig or tig. Roof panels, complete floors, side panels, A panels or door skins - if it needs replacing then we do it to the very best standard.

Here at The Real Mini Company we make even the most extensive Mini restoration project affordable thanks to our unbeatable pay as you go, interest free payment scheme. Together we'll work out a budget and payment schedule for your restoration project with no hidden costs and no hefty interest rates. We'll undertake the restoration work in stages which suit you and your budget, we'll even store your Mini for FREE until you're ready to start the next stage of the project. Not only that, when we finish the work, we'll present you with an album which displays each and every stage of the restoration for you to keep. 

It is this flexible approach combined with our reputation for quality workmanship and attention to detail which places The Real Mini Company as the ONLY Mini restoration company you should consider to work on your pride and joy.

Mini Restoration Library

See for yourself some of the Mini restoration projects we've worked on within our Mini Restoration Library.